It's About More Than Just Wins And Losses


HUGHES AND KINGS YOUTH PROGRAMS UNITE:  Sometimes it's not high school or middle school student-athletes who are setting the example.  At Kings, it's a special parent and the Knights' Youth Football Program that show us what sports is all about - bringing people together!  Read this wonderful article about the unique relationship between Hughes High School football players and the elementary football players from our own Kings community HEREFOLLOW UP:  Read about how Good Morning America provided some unexpected support for the group HERE.

COACH AND MENTOR BATTLE ON SOCCER FIELD:  People wonder why coaches do what they do.  Here's a perfect illustration as to why coaches spend time away from home, hurt after loses, travel to scout opponents, battle angry parents, plead with Boosters for funds, and on and on.  Coaches do it because they know that sometimes, along the way, they have an impact on a player's life. 

Here's one such example HERE ... Jill Helms from Milford.  She's turning a program around, using much of what she learned from her mentor and Loveland head coach Todd Kelly.

NEW COACH STRESSES SERVICE TO OTHERS:  Check out another great story ... this one about Anderson's new varsity volleyball coach Lauren Olson.  Her players are winning on and off the court!  Read it HERE.  See photos from the Special Olympics Night festivities HERE.  Also, check out the video from Spectrum HERE.

MILFORD WORKING TO IMPROVE FAN BEHAVIOR:  The Milford Athletic Department has teamed with the "There's More At Stake Than A Game" initiative to improve fan behavior and sportsmanship at sporting events.  Read exactly how the district is doing this HERE.

SOMETIMES HEROES WALK OUR HALLS:  Read about three students from Anderson and Turpin High Schools who were named the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Students of the Year after their phenomenal fundraising efforts!  And right behind were three students from Loveland!  Check it out HERE.