December 17 Was A Special Night For ECC Pair


For one ECC athlete and one ECC coach, December 17 will forever be remembered as a special night.  For Anderson's senior basketball player, Madison Temple, it will be remembered fondly as the night she scored her 1000th career point as an Anderson basketball player.  Scoring over 1000 points is something Madison can share with her friends and, down the road, her children and grandchildren.  What she might not be so quick to remember is that her team lost the game to neighborhood rival Turpin 53-47.  Another part of that night she might be a bit reluctant to recall, but for a totally different reason. Simply put, from what people have said about her, Madison is probably too modest to share the entire story. What she should share with everyone as she recalls her special night is just how difficult the journey was to get to December 17.  You see, Madison underwent not one, but two, ACL surgeries and the grueling rehab that came with each.  Consider that when you think about Madison's 1000 point accomplishment. 

Another milestone was reached December 17.  Glen Este head coach Jeff Click got to celebrate his Lady Trojans' 51-38 win at Kings. Coach Click got to celebrate the fact that the win was his team's sixth in a row to begin what he hopes will be one of those "special" seasons.  More importantly to those of us who report on such things, but not more importantly to Coach Click, Jeff got to celebrate his 250th win as a varsity basketball coach at Glen Este.  He'd rather talk about his players or the great fan support he has received over the past eighteen years.

Congratulations to both Madison Temple and Jeff Click